Golden Mile Complex En Bloc Updates [Singapore]

The building is famed for the selling of electronics and computing gadgets, a go-to location for anybody seeking to purchase or find a build-to-order computer. Unfortunately, the building will most probably be demolished. For instance, before, buildings weren’t as large as today. Old buildings are only a single sign of a possible en-bloc. Outline Application was submitted to retain the present 16-storey building and to bring a new block beside the Golden Mile Complex building upon successful collective sales.

Collective sales might be practical engine of increase in the vital property sector of our economy. The collective sale of a large-scale conserved building in Singapore is unprecedented and we’ll be conducting a lengthier tender process to permit interested parties to perform a thorough study. That means you need to check the costs of the nearby houses. An en-bloc sale is only going to happen if developers or the government feel they can become even more value from the land by purchasing and redeveloping it.

En bloc sales is, in reality, a kind of property renewal which rejuvenates a full estate and has a positive impact on the property values. EN BLOC sales might be good news to individuals who wish to earn a quick buck from the selling of the property but not so excellent news for those who love the area and whose family calls it home.